Bluegrass BMW

Developed custom BMW compliant template. Incorporated Flash, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery into a Flash heavy content management system.


Built website based on a graphic design mock-up. Active Webmaster for site. Worked with a combination of CSS, HTML, Flash, Javascript, PHP, and jQuery.

My Mazda Dealer Online

Built Flash landing page for Mazda. Page is used as entrance to My Mazda Dealer Online, a database full of online media assets for Mazda. *Note: Site is subject to change as it has a new Webmaster.

Carbiz Autos

Built site layout for website in Flash based on dealer requests. Back pages are generated dynamically through a ColdFusion based content management system. *Note: Site is subject to change as it is editable by the auto dealer.

Nashville Imports

Nashville Imports is a demo site set up to show Dealerskins' current and potential clients. The current content management (cms) system was built in ColdFusion and is heavy in Flash-based content. This poses a great challenge to clients to include rich Search Engine Optimized text. Nashville Imports was designed to utilize the current cms, but add more html text that Search Engines can easily index.

Art In Indiana - Public Art Project

University of Southern Indiana students, lead by Dr. Hilary Braysmith, visit and report on public art around Indiana. Art In Indiana website is built using a combination of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP utilizing the Joomla platform. I have customized the graphics and code from a template. The intention of this site is to educate on the history of art in Indiana, and allow future staff to update. Students are currently completing works, and site is scheduled to go live December 2009.

Evansville Four Elements Project

This site is associated with the Art In Indiana project. Dr. Hilary Braysmith is showcasing her ideas to enhance areas of downtown Evansville, IN. University of Southern Indiana students are building mockups and forming plans to make them a reality.

Mike Smith Vespa

Built pages in Flash for Vespa dealer website. Site was set up to show inventory of Vespa scooters and accessories. The biggest challenge with this site was to tie it into Dealerskins' cms.

All American Window Tint

Designed logo for window tinting company in Lebanon, TN. Logo was used for business cards, signage and other advertisements.

Wick's Pizza

Designed business cards and fliers for pizza restaurant and bar in Louisville, KY.

Boudreaux's Bar

Designed logo for bar located in Louisville, KY. Logo will be used for branding including: signage, business cards, and other advertising.

Pfister Pub Crawl

Designed logo for event in Nashville, TN. Designed and put together VIP badges for the event.

TLC Services banner ads

Created a series of web page ads for Clinton, IN based company, TLC Services.